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Crowdfunding for Ninja Cat PowerPack

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Hey, almost month ago I've started a crowdfunding project for extension pack to my magnum opus, Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs. Imagine Typing of the Dead mixed with speed of Super Meat Boy and bloodynes of Mortal Combat. You can play it for free, directly on my site www.koshmaar.pl

The game did quite well in the jungle ie. players liked it & there were nice press reviews, so I've started a crowdfunding for a PowerPack - extension which will have lots of new, cool and badly needed features + additional content. By doing this I want to significantly improve the game, which I love very much.

Long story short, here's epic video which explains everything about game, PowerPack and life:

I've been working on it almost a week, with video recording and editing. It has english subtitles so click boldly.

So, here's the detailed list of new features that I want to add in PowerPack:

  • visualizing the path on which player is moving; especially useful at junctions (which are generally not understood by players)
  • dinosaurs can change their behaviour such as: kamikadze - runs at you with a bomb and you better shoot him at distance; knight - has shield and you have to type 100% correctly or you start from scratch
  • ability to use limited ninja equipment using F1-F3: spiders (deal letter damage to dinos which walk over them), throwing knives (immobilise or slow down dinos) and fog bomb (you become invisible for few seconds and dinos don't know where to go and attack)
  • collecting statistical information for speed of typing (WPM), accuracy and score - over time, and showing graphs of it, to show how well are you developing.
  • option to choose language maturity level - child (for kids), normal (like now), weird, adult (swearing) and porno (omg ;)
  • over 15 zl ($5) you also get downloadable version without ads, for a one month exclusive.


    There will be also new content added (2 out of 5 existing levels shown above):

    • 1 new level (most likely Notre Dame cathedral)
    • 1 new dinosaur (most likely Stegosaur)
    • 1 new powerup (most likely dynamite)
    • dozens of additional hours of even more addicting and varied gameplay smile.png that will also increase the speed and accuracy of your typing.

      I predict all of this can be completed in about a month, and so I'm collecting money for one month worth of surviving in Krakow (around silly $700, including taxes, portal fees, mail costs etc).

      One thing that needs to be stressed, is that altough the game is available for free now on internet, the PowerPack version for the first month after creation will be available exlusively to those who back me up. They will get installable, DRM-free, ad-free version. Next, by choosing at least 15 zl ($5) you get to add words to the in-game typing list.
      Obviously by backing the project with higher amounts you also get some cool gadgets (altough the mail expenses of sending T-shirt to USA or even England will kill me so please don't tongue.png )


      You can back me up also if you're not from Poland - wspieram.to accepts payments through PayPal.
      I've prepared a film that explains polish interface of Wspieram.to and guides you through the backing process (I recommend to watch it in fullscreen):


      I'm writing here to get help from outside Poland, because I think I've used all the resources, websites, portals, forums etc. where I could promote it in my country. And it found only 35% funding... crowdfunding ends on Saturday, so I decided to try to find people from outside. It's still possible to fund the PowerPack, so please chime in with your $0.02 smile.png

      PS after this crowdfunding ends, I'm going to write a loong post what I've learned through all of that...

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