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one major complaint. SOUND on a website is never a good idea! If you feel you must, make a sound button in the main open view eye section.

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Thanks for the feedback; yeah I've been torn on that one for a while now; as its technically a website, but actually a game.

Thanks again, I'll give it some more thought; also anyone else have opinions on this?


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An optional to mute things even on the login screen would be nice. Personally, every time I visit the login page I'm pleasantly re-surprised by the excellent music - I vote you keep it.


The first time I encountered it, I had a dozen tabs open and didn't realize which one was playing the music though.


Thankfully, each time I opened it, my volume was at a decent level. I imagine it'd be rather annoying to open it and be blasted with something extreme.

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I like the music, but opening this up at work or any place.... or even when my wife is sleeping is a real shocker!

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I like the music, sounded nice. The graphics were quite good and It ran smoothly on my surface pad/laptop. =)


Some random comments on the game play/design:



I found myself without a goal. I wandered around and talked to a lady, she gave me a quest but the quest text didn't display when I opened up the journal.


I encountered a few monsters/zombies to the north but I could not figure out how to hit them.


The inventory screen was a bit confusing. I clicked on an item and it disappeared? A drag and drop system or some slot names would be helpful.


A progress bar/percentage on the loading screen would be nice.


I played with the keyboard but the on-screen controls are a good idea. Maybe they should auto-hide when the keyboard is in use? or maybe add an option/toggle to hide them.



I liked it however and I think it has good potential. Keep it up =)

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@riuthamus - it would be the same with any game though correct?
@SotL - there is a toggle music button at the bottom of the login page; it should mute the login page music.

@O-san - thanks for the feedback; I'd like to offer some reasons, and it would be great if you could tell me what you think about them:


"I found myself without a goal." - this is likely to be the case, Revel isn't linear or railed in any way; you did exactly what I inteded you to; wandered around looking for trouble biggrin.png


"the quest journal doesn't work" - yeah it is pretty broken, it was a system started and half finished by an on/off developer; it needs some TLC; haven't seen fit to turn it off in the mean time.

"I encountered a few monsters/zombies but couldn't figure out how to hit them" - I'm willing to bet you didn't have a weapon, as you don't start with one; do you think I should start you out with a very basic melee and/or magic spell?


"Inventory Screen" - we commonly get this feedback; I'm gonna look into changing it, seems people don't like the general way it works.


"Loading screen" - yeah we need that; I intended to get it into this version but tons of other technical issues fell out of the sky, heh.  I thought it more important to get a new build up as we were pushing over two weeks; and drastic changes had been made.

"on screen controls" - yeah some folks have asked for this; it is a great idea to have an auto-hide, though some of the controls would need to remain 'hotkeys etc' but the directional pads could go; i'm not sure how much benefit that would provide to say.. screen real-estate.

Thanks again for the playthrough and feedback!


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Yes, it would, but it is a website ( although a game, it is a website ) so your immediate reaction is not to have to worry about sound. tongue.png Maybe a splash page before you enter? I dont know, Servant more or less hit it on the nose. I have my home speakers at 35 ( which is very loud ) and i keep my system regulated for that. When I load up a webpage with auto sound it normally maximizes the volume. Perhaps it would not have been so bad if the volume was lower. The game itself was fine and enjoyable.


*note* i didnt try the game my wifey did.

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Well, I had a sword that I'd found in morning's bed chambers. There were some blue leggings and other things too. I got the clothing on but I don't exactly know how. The sword never got equipped.




I tried the game a second time and now I think I have figured out the inventory screen. Some items must be in a hot key slot to be used? I was a bit short on time the last time I played.


I walked around some more but sadly this time the game stopped loading between two areas. "Loading..." never faded away.


I think it is a nice idea to have to find the first weapon so I'd keep that as it is (it wasn't very hard to find the chest). :)

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A small update:  I added a percentage loading to the main loading screen (cross maps are still elipsis indeerminate, but maps are small so it should never be an issue).

You might notice the percentage updates are a bit chunky; this is mostly becuse the two atlas images (the biggest offenders of nearly 5mb each) count as 1 point each; I scoured the net for a good bit looking for a way to get smooth 'byte level' reports on image downloads, but it doesn't seem to be supported in HTML5; the closest thing was a hack using general AJAX to load the images, then form a base64 data string and load the images that way wacko.png

it may come to that but for now I'd like to avoid the added overhead as that could potentially end up slowing things down.  A nearer term solution might be to switch to 1024 sized atlases (instead of 2048); this would theoretically reduce atlasing performance, though probably not appreciably; and I have some suspicions that we're already having a few technical issues due to the large (2048) image sizes, but I digress.



@Navyman - am thinking about implementing a no-weapon scenario as an unarmed melee attack; which just uses your derived no-weapon melee damage; this would at least allow you to (probably uneffectively) bash segmendrada (mana zombies) in the face ;)


@O-san - awesome;  I've given the drag-drop some thought and I'm hoping to implement that soon.


It sounds like one or more '?' help buttons to provide dialog instructions might be worth-while to explain interfaces?  Such as realizing items must be hotkeyed to be used/weilded - and that somewhat counter intuitively one doesn't 'equip' a weapon like they do armor and accessories.



As for the 'Loading...' that never faded, my guess is you walked off the map, or perhaps into an area that doesn't have a defined room-template; I need to take care of that hehe;  as you can imagine with a game this large there are tons of these little details to wrap up, thanks for putting it on my radar again!

As you maybe realized a quick refresh, would bring you back to the spawn point.

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