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On mice and scripting

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So the game server has been ported to linux (debian). Unfortunately, the networking code took the most changing, and as a result, it is throwing a complete fit. So, that's a thing.

So, a big focus in the past week is scripting. Particularly, built-in scripting for the server, and remote scripting. I've written a command line tool for integrating communication with shell scripts. So far, it looks good, but I can't fully test it until I get the server running properly again. I still have some code to enable running on windows, but I don't really have any plans to port back. In fact, I do want to eventually rewrite a large chunk of the networking code, and that will likely involve cutting out said code. Anywho, this should helpfully make it easier to develop admin tools.

Next on the plate is integrated server side scripting. A big nagging theme is boilerplate overload with coding in the api, and the business logic could be greatly simplified if it ran atop a simple scripting engine. The issue is that coding in a scripting issue is a non-trivial amount of work. And adds more places for bugs to hide. Ah well, I'll work on it once I get a bare-bones operation up and running.
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