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Toasty Update #8

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Okay, I ran into an issue with the editor lately, and that is when a plugin is added and it adds it's control to the inspector (think from Unity) when an entity is selected with a component it added to the engine it will position itself very far down making it not look aesthetic, which I think is important. But in the mean-time (I haven't been able to fix the bug yet) I worked on the Ogre3D renderer, it's pretty simple at the moment and contains these components:



Simple mesh component, links to a file which it uses as the mesh.


While this does work, it will immediately crash the app when two are added as I do not know how I can create a camera but not enable it, something I have to fix.


A pretty simple component that just adds a light.


Just creates a terrain component that randomly generates itself using perlin noise.

I have also created a basic plugin for this system in the editor which exposes the light and mesh components with only the light component actually having a custom control. You can actually see the issues with the inspector in this screenshot.

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