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So it turns out, Goblinson Crusoe is kind of a clothes horse. Well, not really, at least not yet. But he just might end up that way.

Today, I created a wardrobe to add to the list of workbenches:


Using the wardrobe will give you a spellbook of your currently-possessed equipment. (Just one weapon for now.) You can select and "cast" any item from the spellbook to equip that item.


Casting the equip selection will equip the weapon, along with any effects the weapon description specifies, and switches GC to the correct stance for the weapon:


In this case, the weapon descriptor includes a staff, a light and a glowy particle effect.

The weapon switcher is implemented as a component that, when given a table describing a node chain for a weapon, will instance the node chain and parent it to the weapon bone in the animated model skeleton of the owning node. The skeleton contains a specially-named bone for this purpose. The switcher will then send an event to trigger a stance change based on the specified stance of the weapon.

Eventually, the weapon description will also optionally include a list of buffs that affect combat stats and actions; currently, though, it is merely cosmetic. I still have some work to do on the combat system before I start throwing a bunch of buffs around. That might be a project for the very near future.
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