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Status: New version available, Codec-lib Zip

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see here:

a new version of the engine is available.

as well, the image codec library (BGBBTJ) is also available as a stand-alone zip:

little provision is made for out-of-box use, as in, if anyone wants to compile or mess with it, probably some hackery will be needed. it provides VFW codec drivers for encoding/decoding, with the encoder currently hard-coded to use BTIC1C (with most of the encoding settings also hard-coded). in my tests it can encode videos with VirtualDub though, so it works here at least.

I may later consider adding a codec configuration UI or similar, as well as maybe clean up a few things (better provisions for handling logging and configuration). this would likely mean either putting the config information in the registry, or putting an INI somewhere (rather than just hard-coding stuff like where to put the log file and similar).

I have thus far not really finished the level of 1C encoder modifications needed to effectively support expanded color depths (moving forwards here largely requires some fairly non-trivial rewriting of the encoder, effectively moving the encoder over to a new intermediate block format, ...).

on another note:
made a recent observation that speech is still intelligible at 8kHz 1bit/sample (just it has a harsh/buzzy "retro" sound);
not sure as of yet if I will make much use of this. it could mostly be relevant WRT hand-editing sample data as sequences of hex-numbers or similar.
a high-pass filter is needed though, otherwise there are significant audio problems. in my tests, I was having best results filtering out everything below about 250Hz.
potentially, direct 4 bits/sample could also make sense, as it would map 1 sample per hex character.

example, simple sine wave:
89AB CDEE FFEE DCBA 8976 5432 1100 1123 4567
36 samples, 0.0045 seconds (222 Hz).
as 1bpp:
FF FF C0 00 0
or, as 2bpp (compromise):
AAFF FFFA A550 0000 55
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