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Artificial Intelligence Ideas

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Tutorial Doctor


So, I have been looking at a lecture course on itunes U called "CPSC 689- Introduction to AI Robotics," by Texas A&M University.

Why? Well, i was trying to get a little more info on how artificial intelligence is done by the actually smart people to apply it to my mission to program the 5 senses. I just got an idea for how to proceed from the 3rd video in the series at approximately the 11:40 mark.

The instructor separates the brain into three parts:

Upper Brain/ Cortex
Lower Brain/ Spinal Cord
Middle Brain

The lower brain controls skills and responses, so it does all the sensory stuff. The Upper brain does all of the reasoning over symbols (information) about goals. The middle brain converts the sensor data into information.

Now, with my 5 senses, i have a sensing system. But it seems i have to find a way to convert all of the this stuff into information or symbols. So, i was thinking of a label system.
1/10/2014 8:52pm

Some things I am thinking about:
Okay, I need to find a way to describe things. I need a way to represent here from there. I also need to represent mine from yours. I also need a way to be able to change strategies dynamically (yes, this on sounds difficult, but if I use my programming grammar, it will be just like talking to another person). They say that it is hard to find a way to go from sensory data to symbols. If I can do this, then I might have helped a few baffled AI robotics scientists. I have no major background or education, but none of this sounds too hard to me. We will see if I can get a full system going.
1/10/2014 9:28pm
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I wish you all the best but I must forewarn you, it may not sound difficult to you but there is a reason why there are thousands working in this field and our AI as still in it's simplistic form. I once read an article about AI that fully simulated a cat's brain (I believe it was a cat), and the massive computer network it needed to do so.


As I said though, all the best. I too am extremely interested in this field.

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I just figured that out today when, at work, I was presented with a challenge. I surveyed the problem, and had to go over it in my head several times. 


The issue is, several times I had to make adjustments that computers just can't make. For instance, I can infer and assume given a situation. I can test and try solutions. I can do all of this without taking any actual action. 


I can also modify my technique for a completely random situation. 


In other words, I can debug myself. Now, if I could write a program that could debug itself to work correctly without my help whatsoever, then i would have arrived. 


I once beat an advanced computer AI at chess because I played an out of book move. The computer was only assuming I played the best move. When I did an off the cuff move it made a blunder. Then it froze indefinitely (it couldn't find a solution to win the game, so it deliberated indefinitely). 


I am aiming too high with this. I will work on a simplified labeling system and the 5 senses for now. 

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