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I don't ask for help with my code unless I really need it.

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Tutorial Doctor


I see a lot of people asking for help with their code. And in some posts I wonder if they actually searched for the answer.

I don't ask for help with my code unless I really need it. It helps me to learn. I think I come to this site too often as it is when I should be working on something. Yes, it is convenient that we can come here and get help from so many educated and smart people. But if I am coming here for every little hang up, it really isn't helping me be able to solve problems.

That is the reason I just post topics on specific general issues. I also try to help others if I can (helps me to learn also).

Now, if you have a deadline and you have to get something done, I get that, but I think its good to try to figure stuff out yourself mostly.

Sometimes I feel I need to disconnect my internet altogether, then I can really get something done.
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Yeah, my personal hate is the code dump, where someone goes, "Ahhhhhhhhhh it's not working, here is my code, fix it for me please!"


I can understand stress, and trying to get it to work, but if you wrote it, and it doesn't work, it's either because A) Your algorithm is flawed, or B)  You have an error in your code somewhere.


If it's the latter, it just means you should go debug it.  The former is really the only case that should be posted IMHO.

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Yeah. I understand the algorithm part. I could get pointers on how my method may not be so efficient or something. 


Quite honestly I have a hard time reading through code (no matter how simple it is). haha. 


That is the main reason I am working on a standard for a sort of programming grammar (other than syntax) to make my code more readable (to me). haha. 

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