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Epoch IDE screenshot

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Just wanted to share some of the recent progress on the Era IDE:

Era improvements Jan 2014.png

There's a lot of stuff going on under the hood here, and not much in the way of outwardly visible changes, but it's still moving forward at a decent rate and I'm pretty happy with where things stand.

I can almost tolerate working in Era instead of Notepad now! Won't take too many more bits of polish to get it to be a total win.
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Just curious, How far are you from compiling the IDE itself in epoch as well? seeing as you are already compiling the compiler (Unless youre already doing that and i missed it).

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The IDE is 100% Epoch code and fully compiled by the new self-hosting compiler. In fact the screenshot is for the IDE source code :-)

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Nobody's going to use epoch over c/c++. Why don't you make a compiled game scripting library that would run fast? I would actually use that.

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You're right, my bad. I commend you to keep working further ApochPiQ. You've already got a working
compiler studio!

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