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Why am I making a game anyway?

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Tutorial Doctor


Am I trying to change the world? Am I trying to create something I will play every day of my life to pass time? Am I trying to make money from it?

Most games today are temporary games and have no real value. So why am I even thinking about making a game with the hope of potentially making "a" sell? So much goes into them, and if I want it to have any sort of polish I am looking at a couple of years. And it feels terrible to work so hard at something that is worthless.

Now, chess, that is a game that sticks around. A game like that was worth making. This i why I am thinking about making an educational game if any, because it has usefulness and replay value by its very nature.

Or perhaps I will quit the gaming thing very soon because I don't see where I can get any sense of satisfaction.

One thing that interests me about game programmers as well as some gamers is that they are problem solvers. I think if you collect all of these rather brilliant people and have them solve real life problems with the knowledge they have gained from solving complex problems, perhaps we can build something useful.

When a farmer sows a seed, he hopes to receive a return on his labor of planting, watering, and tending to the seed. Perhaps he likes apples? Now that type of return is useful for generations perhaps. But games are so temporary? What real value do they have other than being a form of social interaction for the moment?

Or perhaps I will look into programming robots that can do stuff for me. Taking game logic and applying it to a real life object is a very interesting and useful thing. Perhaps I can use game programming for prototyping?

I'd rather make software (another useful thing).

Yeah, games are cool to play, and perhaps I had an idea for a game I would like to play. But is it worth all the effort just for a game? Ehhh...
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You'll get better eventually. Games that are older might still be fun. Like Age of Empires II, or Doom. Yes, that's still a lot of work. You can just tinker around in experiments. Like, I had a pixel a-life experiment, and I kept changing one thing and saved it in folders with a naming convention like aaa000 where the letters indicated a new direction and the numbers indicated a revision, plus a dash and a short description of the change. You can make something small, but complete. Then you can just keep adding to it.


You gotta think long-term. Will you still be doing this 20 years from now?

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The idea that your game needs to have a lifetime that spans the same breathe of Chess is asking a lot and comes close to a similar conversation I had with a writer deciding whether or not to continue writing.

"To write something is to inadequately write anything at all." - Ms. Yamaguchi

"But to not write is to admit defeat of an idea before it can blossom." - Me


Therefore, the decision is whether to admit defeat before beginning or not.

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Good comments. I think the only way I would use this game programming thing is either for prototyping, for storytelling, or for educational reasons. I guess it is the fact that I am doing it by myself that makes it overwhelming. I also don't like to make anything that is not good quality and has a useful purpose. Right now I have to learn how to animate and I should be okay to go (to make a decent basic game). 

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