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RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS. Pick a hero and save Crimson City from the evil EyeClopse! RADICAL HEROES puts the player in the shoes of many different and diverse action figures to save the Crimson City Playset from the ultimate evil in the first series of Radical Heroes. Smash, Bash and Spin Kick your way through tons of different enemies and bosses to unlock secret figures, weapons and moves. The whole time inching closer to to your final showdown. The Radical Heroes universe is huge, Crimson City Crisis is just the first playset in a series that will take the Radical Heroes from city streets to other worlds!. Future playsets will include exotic locations, figures and weapons. All while letting the player travel back and forth between playsets in game for cross playset missions and adventures. Stay tuned right here at indie DB for more info on RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS. Below is our first gameplay clip chack it out.


In the picture above I have decided to choose ROBO KID. You are the action figure. Action figures in the game are discovered through exploration, missions, beating the story and other means. You are able to play as any character Good, Bad or other once an action figure is earned. You may switch them in game at special locations within the city. Think of the city as a play-set. In Crimson City the main object is to stop the evil Eyeclopse from taking over the city. Radical Heroes is going to be episodic with many new action figures, play-sets, and surprises to come in the future! They can battle anywhere for any reason and in any time. With exotic location design and character creation, its limitless.

In Crimson City Crisis you start in front of the medical center. If you die you will restart here, you may also upgrade certain aspects of you character here, as well as other places in the city. As you can see in the picture above I already have trouble on my tail, "The Bash Twins". On top of combat, you also have level items, weapons and specials at your disposal.


Another aspect to consider is the weather and other events that happen in the city. In the picture above it has started to rain. Environmental effects change up and can be as normal as rain or as abnormal as... well maybe another time, but take my word it gets crazy in here.


Different locations offer different activities, perks, and help. From buying a burger to hiring police to help you fight battles! When you enter a building, it will bring up a menu that gives you the options of the locations offered to the player.


Now that I have some back up there is only one thing left to do!


Kick Butt as the sun goes down. I hope you, enjoy the screens shots provided. They are all "in engine" game-play screen shots (NO CONCEPT ART). The game strives to keep that NES/SNES beat'em up look and feel, but its done in stunning 3-D. In a world you love being in. Keep it locked here at Indie DB for the latest on RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS.
Indie DB: Indiedb.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com

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Good idea with the graphics. But the game play setting didn't hook me in. I'll wait for someone else to play and see what they say.


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