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I finally realize how important planning is.

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Tutorial Doctor


So, I am the type to work by trial and error, usually. I get stuff done, sometimes.

However, every time I sit down, gather my thoughts and type out a plan, it seems I have more control over the processes I take to accomplish something.

You know how in the PC version of the Sims you can record footage and compose it into a video? Well, I was making a feature film with it, and it was very nice. But as always, my ideas get too big for my ability, and it stopped short. Then, I had a "somewhat plan."

Maybe I need a plan that is easily adaptable. Hmm. Okay, let's try to do this again...
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In games Dev Docs are core to successful games. Outlining even a simple plan can allow you to see problems before they drop in on you. Also it can be used, hopefully, to minimize feature creep. Feature creep if you are not familiar with the term means the adding of new features as the game moves forward. This can often cause massive problems with the change of timetables, coding issues, and other unforeseen problems.

Planning, or per-production can save you a lot of time and mental stress even if it seems an odd use of time.

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That is a keyword I needed-- Preproduction. I was planning out a game last night, and I was getting excited. I need to create a new way to plan out a game. You have brainstorming and charts and such for school work planning, but I don't know of a system for planning a game. I was drawing stuff, making notes, circling important stuff, etc on one page. It was all over the place. I had elements of book planning and art planning, as well as program planning all on that page. Perhaps I can do it like a character illustration design sheet mixed with concept a concept art sheet? Then for the programming side I can do some type of flow chart looking thing? I'm going to see if I can think of a planning system for games today.

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Preproduction planning is always key. Spreadsheets with deadlines and detailed outlines of each part of a project are key in my opinion. Map out what needs to be done, by when and how it needs to be done. As my Dad says when doing construction, measure twice, cut once. In other words, go over a plan a few times, refine it and keep refining it throughout the project wherever it is needed.

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