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Dear Journal...

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There's a new kid in town... so sang Eagles some years ago.

Hi all, I'm the new kid in town: C# programmer (mainly) in the day-paid-job, game dev wannabe in the free time, in love with C++.

This Journal will hold some ramblings about my free-time explorations. You know, something about games I'll never finish and attempts at putting together enough features to build an engine. The dream of us all, I guess.

At the moment I'm playing with modern OpenGL (3.3+), having fun with those shaders and vertex arrays and buffer objects & co.
The short term dream, up to now, is to code an engine and build a 3d space shooter with it.
The lifelong term dream is to code, obviusly, the Perfect RPG (tm).

I released a couple of flash games and a 0.2 version of a 3d roguelike called "Beltham's Lair" under the RedPill Games alias, which you can find here.

So this is me and this is my Journal, enjoy!
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