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RADICAL HEROES: New Screens of Locations around the city

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Thought it would be cool to show you some awesome locations around Crimson City. First stop the arcade!
Next up Hack 'N' Slash, For all your hacking and slashing needs.
A good toy store is a must. Get the latest Radical Heroes at ULTRA LAD'S TOYS!
At TESLA SPARK LABS creating future weapons is jut another day on the job.
Pick up something practical to beat you enemy with at HANDY HARDWARE!
RADICAL DUDES! We are hard at work and hoping to have a playable demo released very soon. To all you who love this game with us, your support does not go unnoticed. Thank you all so much and we will be back with more cool stuff as soon as we can.
RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS. Pick a hero and save Crimson City from the evil EyeClopse! RADICAL HEROES puts the player in the shoes of many different and diverse action figures to save the Crimson City Playset from the ultimate evil in the first series of Radical Heroes. Smash, Bash and Spin Kick your way through tons of different enemies and bosses to unlock secret figures, weapons and moves. The whole time inching closer to to your final showdown. The Radical Heroes universe is huge, Crimson City Crisis is just the first playset in a series that will take the Radical Heroes from city streets to other worlds!. Future playsets will include exotic locations, figures and weapons. All while letting the player travel back and forth between playsets in game for cross playset missions and adventures. Stay tuned right here at indie DB for more info on RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS.
Keep up to date on features and progress by checking us out here on Indie DB and :
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