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Really glad to see folks like the change in GUI.

I thought I would mention the really neat technique I'm using here.

Many game programmers, and those who use Flash may know of a technique called 9-slice or 9-grid scaling.

For those who don't know, the idea is you take a single image, and cut it into 9 pieces; four square corners, 4 rectangular edges and 1 middle.

This allows you to have borders/dialog boxes in various sizes using a single piece of artwork.


Using standard blitter techniques this could be accomplished with 9 separate draws.

Thankfully CSS3 has a built-in feature for this, which only takes a few parameters; it's called the border-image style; and it can be applied to any div without imposing additional HTML structure.

you can check it out more in-depth via this generator:  http://border-image.com

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Oh neat, I didn't notice that CSS3 had standardized 9-slice borders. It used to be a total freaking pain. I know corner-radius and drop-shadow effects were all the rage in CSS3 for a while, but there's something to say for texturing and square corners.

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