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Still Alive, Still Kicking, Better than ever, and the discussion continues

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During my absence Dukandia was put on hold, for several reasons, but the point is, Dukandia is still alive, and it is doing far better than it ever was before.

Language Change
While gone, Dukandia has changed languages, actually its changed languages several times. We have settled on c++, Java was limiting in power, and practicality, we then moved to an engine but disliked not having complete control, moved to xna just to get things rolling, but eventually moved to c++, which had always been the ideal language but finally, we realized it was the way to go.

Memory Management, that works
Since the start of Dukandia development we had small memory leaks, or were asking for too much memory at once, this was seen in the time it took our application to start and load everything, as it all happened at once. That's gone, The amount of memory Dukandia allocates for itself is determined by how much is going on, the menus requiring very little, and the maps dynamically asking for memory based on whats happening rather than loading every possible scenario at once. (The exception is in magic, and things that can potentially happen randomly, that will still obviously be loaded)

Graphical Update
The graphics are getting an overhaul, a new polished look, one thats slightly cartoony in nature as well. Dukandias old nostalgia look was nice, but it wasnt exactly what I invisioned and the new look im developing so far is exactly what I want.

The World
I have decided that my old world sizes were, not enough, the alpha and beta will now be enlarged to multiple planets, as well as a new "dimension". The worlds will have regional weather, monsters, stat effects, and terrain stats such as social hardness. The idea of how weather is to be managed is going to be something to this effect
if the temp of a tile of water is over a point, than the tiles evaporation level decreases (meaning that water has left the tile and migrated to a tile in the plane above it) when enough of the air is saturated the air fogs up, if the tile loses too much, it changes visually and possibly drys up unless refilled by time, or effects such as player interaction or weather. On the uppermost planes (so upper atmosphere) a constant wind variable of 1.5 will be present, this variable will be dynamically adjusted later to represent the planets rotation speed. This allows weather to globally move slowly over time, and still have local weather stay mostly local. Wind on lower levels will occur based on temperature differences

transforming will be introduced, the mechanics behind it will need to be planned, if you have ideas comment them below.

The Player
You will be given 3 character slots for free, character slots can be increased via payment, or in game cash in a market we plan to implement, there will be no limit on how many players you have.

Everyone will be protected from account theft or hijacking via IP tracking, as well as a system that tracks an items owners, drops, pickups ect for an items life in the last 72 real world hours. If your robbed, youll have 3 days from being robbed to have the abusers found, dealt with, and have your items returned.

Wrap up
Thats about it mates, I would love to hear feedback, and see if interest in the project remains, any ideas or comments on my weather system, teraforming, or player slots or protection is gladly accepted and I crave it.

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