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As my brother and I prep for the Radical Heroes Demo release. We wanted to share some more of the fine details surrounding the Radical Heroes Universe, Game-play and Future of the project. Radical Heroes centers around the relationship between how a child's imagination can turn something simple like an action figure and plastic castle into an epic journey, quest, or all out battle. We have tried to capture this in Radical Heroes. Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis, is the first in a series of encounters with the evil Eyeclopse, an interdimentional being bent on conquering the universe. In the mid 1980's Eyeclopse decended on Crimson City for the first time. One brave hero named Propain rose up and under uncermountable odd's banished Eyeclopse from Crimson City. Propain then formed the Radical Heroes to keep the universe safe from the likes of Eyeclopse and his minions. For years, the Radical Heroes grew in members. Any time Eyeclopse appeared, a brave hero would rise from the people and battle Eyeclopse. Those who were victorious were given an invitation to join the Radical heroes. About 10 years after starting Radical Heroes, Propain settled down and started a family. Then he mysteriously disappeared one day and to this day has never returned! Many years later the story picks up in Crimson City Crisis and tells the tale of how Diesel, a young kid growing up in Crimson City and the son of Propain, must now follow in his fathers footsteps. What he faces in trying to defeat Eyeclopse is certain doom. You will take part in this by defeating Eyeclopse's strong holds on the city, kicking tons of butt, unlocking other heroes, and trying to save Crimson City once again!

Our goal is not only to release Radical Heroes, but to support it long-term. We have custom built the engine to be updated in every way possible. This gives us the ability to expand the game in any direction while keeping all previous content included so the game grows in content, story and fun! Crimson City Crisis is the first play-set and the focus of the game-play is a retro Beat'em up style. Once a new play-set is released it will be added to the original and the game-play will grow as well. Incorporating many different game-play styles like top down/side-scroll shooter, RPG and more all with the same 8-bit beauty you see now. You will also be able to travel back and forth between play-sets in real time for missions, unlockables, ect. Each new play-set also includes new action figures, weapons, and items. You will be able to play as any action figure you have unlocked in any play-set no matter the content, play style, or story. Creating an enormous cast of interchangeable heroes,villains and bosses to play with. Radical Heroes started in one small city and will cross the universe. Will you join the Radical Heroes? I have added some fresh screen shots of the latest build of Radical Heroes I hope you enjoy them. I am also including our latest game-play vid with Oculus Footage. Thanks for your support. Noah & Moses @ Mad Unicorn Games.

Keep up to date on features and progress by checking us out here on Indie DB and :
Indie DB Blog: Indiedb.com
Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com
and Twitter : Twitter.com

Our Latest Game Play Video Below:
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