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Mocking an RPG #2: going isometric

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Last entry was about some ramblings about a possible RPG, something easy enough to be developed by me myself alone, with regard to my poor artistic skills.

It ended up with a mock of some faces in a almost-top-down view.

As mentioned in the post, a night of sleep changed my vision (as often).

I never really experimented with isometric views, so I said: why not? Google, isometric art tutorial, some sketch, some try in Tiled and now I've got another mock with poor (but, again, consistent) art that I want to share here.


I think it looks quite better than the previous one, more immersive... or not?
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"I think it looks quite better than the previous one"



", more immersive... or not?"

you mentioned "immersive".... not yet 

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Thanks for your reply, what do you think it needs to be "immersive"? Something like a 1st person view?

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