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Weekend Work

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Morning All!

I had a very productive weekend with Revel Immortal; if you've been following you might realize there are only five days left in Februrary; and with that comes the deadline for 25 quests in Garranshall.

I'm happy to say I've finished 15 so far, and so only have 10 more to complete.

The completed quests so far are (hidden for spoiler potential, select below to see):

  • [color=#ffffff]The Monarchs Return[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]The Noble Air of Violence[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Death and Taxes[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Shall we not Revenge[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]A Seal of a Deal[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]The Orb of Prophecy[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]A Rat in the Galley[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]The Golden Hammer[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Fruit of the Vein[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]The Wayward Wayfarer[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]The Meaning of Pain[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Paliadur the Pupil[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Beyond the Veil[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Abyss of the Dark Goddess[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]A Dueling Man[/color]
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