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Fapping bird - Flappy Bird on cmd

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Hi there!

I'm new to this forum and a bit new to develop game. This's the first project which I developed by using C language on command line.
So, I'd like to share it and I'll be glad to receive comments and suggestions from professional game developers here

Teaser #1:

Teaser #2:

Thank you
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Nice! :)


But just a nitpick: this isn't "on the command-line". A command-line program refers to a program which is controlled exclusively by invoking it with specific command-line arguments, and which requires little to no user input from that point on. A program which instead uses the terminal to render itself into and requires direct user interaction to be controlled is referred to as having a text-based interface (often nicknamed TUI = terminal user interface, in contrast to GUI = graphical user interface and CLI = command-line interface).


For instance, "apt-get" or "uname" are command-line programs, while both "aptitude" and your game are text-based.

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Also, in case you are unaware, 'fapping' is a euphemism for masturbation. Just saying :)

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Thank you for giving a clear explanation :)

You're right. My text-based game just print/display output as text on screen.


Also,I knew that meaning LOL.

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Coming into this thread, I thought that this game was going to be NSFW. I feel misled.

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