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In The Works

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Greetings, this journal will cover the journey of my new prototype "Into The End". It is a tile based movement,click to attack game.My last few prototypes have been side scroller/platformer games so I wanted to try something different.

The tutorial section is now complete and three skills have already been implemented into the game and are usable "Flames Of Duna" "Mend" And "Demolish". Attack and Defensive items can be collected throughout and change the appearance of the player."Other" items will available and can be used to interact with the world in different ways.Skills will be used to heal, inflict damage/buffs, and solve puzzles.

If you want to see screenshots from the new prototype check out my gallery!

-A little about me

-I have been an artist/painter for 16 years.
-I use Flash,Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet for my game artwork,animation and concepts.
-I code my games in Game Maker.
-Some of my fave games: Chrono Trigger,Fallout 2,Earthbound,Super Metroid.

Links to past projects below:


Little Fuzz
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Very dark looking, combined with the different game-play it looks like you've certainly achieved a very different feel than your earlier games!

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