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Radical Heroes is officially coming to DESURA! Soon all the retro beat'em up action you can handle will be at your fingertips. Plow through endless hordes of enemies while you try and stop Eyeclopse from taking over Crimson City. Over 40+ action figures to unlock and play as. Awesomely created retro 8-bit city to venture through with dense city, forests, and even a haunted grave yard to conquer! Explore the shops Crimson City has to offer and buy everything from heart containers and pizza to chainsaws and UFO's! Tons of objects, weapons and moves to beat your enemies with. Radical Heroes pays homage to the classic beat'em ups of the past with its simple pick up and play style, while giving you the experience they didn't have the ram to. We are extremely excited to bring the first official Radical Heroes Play-set to Desura.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on Crimson City Crisis and will announce the release date as soon as we can. Our goal is not only to release Radical Heroes, but to support it long-term. This gives us the ability to expand the game in any direction while keeping all previous content included so the game grows in content, story and fun! Each play-set will focus on one heroes struggle to defeat the evil Eyeclopse, as he tries to conquer the universe. Crimson City Crisis is the first play-set and the focus of the game-play is a retro Beat'em up style. Once a new play-set is released it will be added to the original and the game-play will grow as well. Incorporating many different game-play styles like top down/side-scroll shooter, RPG and more all with the same 8-bit beauty you see now. You will also be able to travel back and forth between play-sets in real time for missions, unlockables, ect. Each new play-set also includes new action figures, weapons, and items. You will be able to play as any action figure you have unlocked in any play-set no matter the content, play style, or story. Creating an enormous cast of interchangeable heroes,villains and bosses to play with. Radical Heroes started in one small city and will cross the universe. Will you join the Radical Heroes?

We also have some new game-play pics from the latest build of Radical Heroes to share with you! We thank all you who love the game so far and hope to bring you good new very soon!
Yes we have robots!
Tesla Spark Labs, For all your futuristic weapon needs!
He just got deleted!
Demon Alien upper cut? Yep we got those.
Yes you can be a ghost... Who knows karate!

One spin kick + two dudes + El Fumar = Ownage!
Power up anywhere, even a dirty ally.

Download it right now and give it a whirl! Of course remember its an alpha demo so some features do not represent final product. In fact, they are only a glimpse of what will be releasing.


Open up and let it rip! We wanna know what you liked or disliked! So leave comments questions and help us build the best retro game ever!

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