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Patching applications are alot of work

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The saga progresses.
Patch update put out and getting errors on one alpha testers machine. It seems to be fine and then "Boom" wacko.png
Tested it on 2 machines ahead of time (32/64 bit) then released it. No matter how hard you try, errors always crop in.
Sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid these ocrruring. Try as you might, some machines are going
to have problems now and then.
You can end up with a corrupted patch download or the users machine could end up with a corrupted file as windows is
nortorious for doing. So all you can do is continue on and keep at it. As robust as you make your program for error checking,
at least if it stops with an error that lets them know they have to reinstall, its better then just crashing...
Its always good tho to keep on top of it and do your best to help the user, not just say: "ReInstall". Even I get tired of people
that just say things like that, like a broken record. Try your best to make them feel like you do appreciate they are having an
issue, get them to tell you more. Then work in the need to reinstall to clean up the mess that occurred. Most people will appreciate
that over a flat blanket statement. cool.png
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