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I'm not going to forget how to Program.

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Tutorial Doctor


When I was in school, I was a bit slower than others to catch on to something, but when I did, I had it. Most of the time I was churning things in my head, moving it around, diagnosing it. So, I would do poorly in the course more than likely, and then at the end of the course I would have the "Eureka."

I think the education system does not work in an optimal way. I had peers who, understood things as long as they were in the course, but quickly forgot the quadratic equation once it was over. Why is this?

I have been out of high-school forever, and I can still apply things I have learned. My vocabulary still includes words I learned years ago. So, the questions I ask here are not in vain. It is part of the churning process. But once I have it, I have it.

I have to get the basics down packed, as this is a must for understanding. Complex things are just a more advanced use of the basic building blocks. Understanding the pieces and how they work, will better help understanding more complex configurations of the pieces. You will have a good knowledge base. This way you can break down complicated things into their most basic parts and either diagnose it from there, or re-build it from there. This is mainly why I like modular design and object oriented programming.

So pardon my seemingly irrelevant or novice questions and ideas. It's like butta baby!

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