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And we're back!

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I know, you've all missed us and are wondering where we've been. Well, our time has been split about 50/30/20, with the majority of our time going to our families and our day jobs.

Let's Play Indie Games

I personally have spent the majority of my free time working on the new version of letsplayindiegames.com, which launched a couple weeks ago. Funny enough, the whole point was to update the site so that I'd be able to spend LESS time on it and I ended up spending MORE time on it. However, going forward it'll require less of my time so it'll be worth it.

Before all of the work was being done by yours truly - I had a SQL script that would randomly select a Let's Player from the list on the site and then I'd look through their videos. There are a couple of issues with this process: 1) it's way too much work for me and 2) I'm going to be biased (I like some LPers videos more than others', I shy away from games that are higher profile, etc.) So, the process is automated and more fair - I'm not stuck trying to find a video at 2 in the morning and the people that really use the site will get the attention they deserve.

I'm also using the site as a guinea pig of sorts - once we've worked through a lot of the issues, the same system will be installed for our primary site, bealssoftware.com. Once that is done we'll be able to post our blog entries, video updates, etc on there.

Anyway, if you have a game you want added to the site or if you have let's plays that you' like added to the site, head on over and register an account. If you just want to see some great let's plays of indie games there is no need to register (though, it doesn't hurt.)

Lord Sen's Battle Arena

We have a larger scale project that we'll be working on in the future titled Seeking Imagination and Lord Sen's Battle Arena is a companion game to that project. What that means is that you'll be able to create characters in Lord Sen's Battle Arena, play matches and such against other players and then use the rewards from those battles in the full game once it is released. You'll also be able to do the reverse: take a character created in Seeking Imagination and play with them in Lord Sen's Battle Arena to allow you to upgrade your equipment without the bores that normally come with grinding in a single player game (the grinding is still there so to speak, but it's in a different format.)

Here's a quick little video showing some gameplay:

YouTube Link

You can download a playable demo via this link. It is multiplayer only, so make sure to grab a friend. It is also very limited at the moment; only deathmatch/team deathmatch are available and only three maps are finished. We are going to host some play sessions this coming weekend (March 8th/9th 2014), so if you want to play with us let us know.

We launched our Kickstarter yesterday, trying to obtain funding to pay the artist for all of the in-game assets (tilesets, characters and avatar weapons.) If you want to check it out and find out some more info on the game, you can see it here: Lord Sen's Battle Arena Kickstarter Page.

That's about all there is at the moment - we're hard at work on Lord Sen's Battle Arena, so expect to see more info on that as we get features implemented.
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