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Revel Immortal: Project Update

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Greetings All,

I'm gonna take a moment to run down where Revel Immortal is, and our plans concerning the Spring Update.

0.20 Release

As you may have seen in the previous update we rolled-out version 0.20; it took overly long to prepare due to a number of new quests in Garranshall; and new staging for Shadowlith.

A notable complexity was adding server features so that we can work on Shadowlith, while regularly updating and making sure that nobody accidently wanders into it. Shadowlith is the first full-version only region in Revel Immortal.

Our focus for the forseeable future is enrichment of Garranshall (new quests, enemies etc.); and production of Shadowlith and additional full-version content.


Morning at the Woodland Altar; on her first arrival to Shadowlith.

Thanks to the effort of myself and writer Kevin Elliott we are currently ahead of schedule on the production of Shadowlith.

From this week until 3/31 we will be focused on creating the NPCs, Quests, Enemies in that region.

Deadline Push-up

Instead of our initially proposed date of May 1 for release, we are instead shooting for April 15th.

Version Format Change

Due to a recent issue concerning our version format (0.1 through 0.20); and the semi absuridity of it; we will be using a single integer version number from now on; with an associated project stage of 'Alpha, Beta, etc.' to denote solidity of imposed features and completeness of overall content.
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Reminds me of Minecraft, when alot of non-programmers were saying, "After version 0.9 must mean the next version is 1.0 - the full release!"


And the developer was like, "No, after 0.9 comes 0.10..." :)

Versioning is confusing to non-programmers.

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Yeah it's a pain overall; and one I only held to given historical tradition.


But now it just makes sense to increment a single number, especially consdering Revel would unikely ever see a 'major' version increment over 1 (there is too much psycological signifigance to 'version 2' etc.)

With a single number at least folks realize 'higher is better' smile.png


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