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Undead Castle Prototype Demo

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Alas! We're closing in on our biggest update for the Undead Castle! Our first actual demo of the game. This will include a fully controllable and playable main character (Asher), basic / common Undead enemies, and an interesting game play area to explore and slay zombies in.


Tell me more!


Broken Limits Media is cranking out 3D assets, undead audio sounds, and game play elements every day! We're now 10+ strong and making more progress than ever. You can bet that this indie dev isn't going to die out like many of the other ones. I'm going to make sure of it, as I always have. We may lose members here and there and hit some of the usual indie roadblocks, but there's one major difference in my team. Me < I'm stubbornly determined to develop games and make my mark on the world.


Enough of that. What about the zombies?


Well, the zombies... You're all probably tired of zombies by now. Some of you may not be, but I'm sure many gamers and avid movie goers are tired of zombies. That's not a problem if you want to check out the Undead Castle. Our game is not all about zombies. In fact, the zombies are more or less just your common enemy. Our game is about secrecy, government, fate, destiny, the afterlife, and much, much more. Oh, and if you didn't already know this from previous posts, the game is set 3000+ years from now in a land called Unden, ruled by the Devotion Monarchy, a form of government which has banished technology and lives as if they are medieval. But, there is always a way around the rules and laws. Surely you cannot expect that after 3000 years this region has fallen under absolute obedience, never giving hope to the return of advanced technologies. Perhaps the major enemy, the Revolution (aka Revolt) will prove that not even the powerful Devotion can stop the ancient ways of life (hint: We ((in reality)) are Ancients).


Still not interested?


Come on... That's not enough nuggets of information about our game? Fine...


So there's this whole other side of the story. The Devotion are very religious people. Some might even say that the Revolt is a sub-sect of the Devotion, aiming to improve the lives of the people of Unden. So what do these groups believe in and "who" do they give devotion to? They believe in the Overworld. They devote themselves to a clean and righteous life so that when they die, their souls will have good fortune in the Overworld. Without going into too much details about the Overworld, I'll tell you that souls from the Overworld may communicate with our game world and be of assistance or hinderance to our main player, Asher. The Overworld contains a vast realm of all souls of all mortals (no heaven/hell). In this place, deities exist and reign over lesser souls. Some deities have grown wicked and greedy with power. One of these wicked, Marz is blamed for starting the undead outbreak 3000 years ago. Another deity, Agape will commune with Asher and collaborate with him to thwart the plans of Marz. And that's I'll I have to say about that. For more, you'll have to wait patiently.


If this game interests you, please leave us feedback. If you're excited about the release of this game, please show your support. Visit the following: www.facebook.com/brokenlimitsmedia, some of Undead Castle's Art, and our Blog.

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