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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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you guys are on your own next week. I'll be at GDC. If anyone wants some face time to gripe or sing praise about GDnet then get in touch somehow. [email="drew@gamedev.net"]Email[/email] or twitter are probably the best ways.

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 3/8 - 3/14

Stop by to say hello and welcome to new author KryaK!

Project Updates

  • tnovelli's Journal - tnovelli has a brief update on porting over his 2D project to C++ as well as some new artwork
  • Once a Bird - Demosthenes shares the trailer for Twitchy Thrones as well as the game's official website
  • Undead Castle Dev Journal - afliii shares information about the upcoming Undead Castle prototype demo
  • Path Tracing Adventures - Arjan B has made progress converting his path tracer to work with CUDA and has a video of the current "real-time(-ish)" results
  • Chronicles of the Hieroglyph - Jason Z has been thinking about ways to make it easier to get native D3D11 code playing nice with a user interface framework, based on work he has done/is doing with his Hieroglyph engine
  • From End to Beginning - coremarq has a new video of his 2D rouge-like dungeon crawler with details in this entry about the new stuff in it
  • ferrous' Journal - ferrous has updated his Unity-based browser tower defense game with some help text to guide players, along with some bug fixes and other improvements
  • Wilhelm's Journal - Wilhelm van Huyssteen has added the ability for Strife users to buy in-game currency using bitcoin, and also has new images of terrain work
  • "Into The End" - Undergroundies goes over the latest additions to the game you can check out in the included video
  • et1337 makes games - et1337 announces the Lemma kickstarter will drop on Monday and shows off some new gifs of revamped surface materials as well as his experimentation with Pixi.js
  • A Keyboard and the Truth - EDI updates on the current status and upcoming work for Revel Immortal
  • Merry Prankster Games - gdunbar has released a revamped trailer for Temple of the Abyssal Winds

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • A different way - Norman Barrows shares his techniques and ideas for a different way to build games to avoid OO headaches while retaining many of its advantages
    • Leadwerks Developer Blog - Josh Klint will be talking more shortly about how to get everyone on a team working smoothly together, forming a pipeline to make content production smoother
    • Nyphoon's Thrilling Quest for Release and Everything In-Between - Nyphoon Games goes over things to think about when coming up with a new game concept
    • My Journal - Lysergide explores a different, safer and automated technique that achieves the same result as using string identifiers in Unity, but without needing strings

      Thanks for stopping by Tutorial Doctor and codenine75a!

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