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Rogue Monsters

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Monsters and lots of them. Got the basics of creature ai. They basically just hunt the player down. Trying to move towards you and attack any chance they get. Also got player regen, each 4 turns the player heals if injurned. Killing creatures also gains experience and the player levels up. increasing health, and randomly one stat strength or vitality.

Next, I plan on putting alot of work into the avatar system and possibly adding alot more weapons and armor for diversity. I want to type the creatures by something like;
-Humanoid - humans, elves, dwarfs...
-Rodant - rat, racoon...
-reptile - snake, alligator...
-insect - beetle, spider...
... and so forth.

Then restrict them by level so that lower level creatures will be on the lower level (first) levels. And the spawning and them levels by type.

'u' Use Command
I want to start getting work on the use command for things like scrolls and potions. I want potions to be unidentified by type. I want upgrade scrolls to work on weapons and armor that are equiped. And mapping scrolls to reveal the entire map. Health potions should heal, strength potions raise strength and add vitality potions to increase vitality. Cure potions can just be another healing potion, maybe weaker.
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Good job sofar, keep it up biggrin.png


thank you. I couldn't stop coding after this post and got a huge plethra of creatures into the game. just got to work on balancing them level wise. Then adjusting the generater to take in account they're levels when deciding what creatures can go on what floor.


I also already got the plans laid out for the unidentified potion system and start of the use command for potions.


I might step up the journal next time if I finish the use command fast enough, and offer up the builds for download.

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