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Starting a new project ... series

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I will try to squeeze some time into a project where I can bring several ideas together and just toy with them.
I registered the domain: http://www.procgames.com and I am working on a GWT based website.

The plan is writing a tutorial series while creating a framework for procedural content generation (and games that use it).
Maybe I will also write some tools that use it.

As always I have too many ideas and they all are too complex.
It does not help that my job takes up most of my time and energy.

What I do not want to write are step-by-step tutorials.
I want to summarize my thoughts in order to give beginners an idea of how programmers think.
I wrote pretty much the same thing some time ago ... just with a different kind of project in mind:

I already have a rough GWT project structure in place. I just need a strategy for the server side.
Apache is running on port 80, it is a virtual server with Confixx where procgames.com is one of many domains.
I would love to run Jetty, but I don't know how to host the client via Confixx, deploy the server logic with Jetty and connect client and server through a REST API with AutoBean. I would consider using PHP to realize the relatively simple REST API - but I have too much respect of serializing as a JSON String that needs to be parsed by AutoBean on the client side.

There is also a frame for the procedural content generation library written in Java already.
I might apply the concept behind it to different languages.
The next step is coming up with a rough gameplan.
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