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rogue game 2

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Finally got some time to focus on what my goals will actually be for the next installment. Another roguelike, turn based. trying to build upon the last game rather than start from scratch. I got a pretty good grasp on how things were laid out and how I'd like to lay them out now. There's hopefully gonna be some big additions to the game. Abilities, ranged combat, far better item system supporting procedurally generated stats and properties. I have some ideas on how to implement a simple lighting system underneath the LOS-Visibility system.

Moving the style of the game more towards the older diablo series. I've been working on improveing the dungeon, did a huge refactor on it cleaning it up and expanding features. Items will no longer spawn in the dungeon from the get go like typical roguelikes. I'll be using a drop system to spawn items from killings monsters, opening chests, breaking barels, weapon racks and more.

The biggest change addition and still not sure if it will be there in the end. Waypoints and partial persistence. Think of it like hardcore mode. The game would randomly spawn waypoints through out the dungeon. non of which are garaunteed on any level. Once on is found the dungeon is saved along with the current player. Now at any point aslong as there are no enemies nearby the player can save the character and it's dungeon. Each time the player is reloaded, it respawns at the last waypoint and the entire dungeon is repopulated with creatures. If the player is to die, they can't be reloaded at all. There would still be the idea of eminent death and never coming back from it. Hunger is gonna be the number one threat more than likely. But the idea of packs of monsters and a slightly faster, quicker deaths battle system. The goal will be more on tactics. Positioning yourself to get the first hit, better use of your abilities, and a ton more item uses.

The first system I plan on getting up and running is the item system. It'll be completely redone. Towards the end of the last project I started to refactor it to make it more generalized and easy to expand. I'll be taking that approach from the ground up this time. Items will now have a rarity when spawning. There are normal items which are jus the base item. such as a weapon, at it's base has only one property... damage. Then you have magic rarity items and godly rarity items. magic items spawn with an extra property and godly with 3 random properties.
The planned properties or moddifiers;-- +Damage-- +Armour-- +AttackSpeed-- +maxHealth-- +maxAP-- +ElementalDamage-- +ElementalResistance
Abilities I still need to think how much they'll effect the game. The main think I want them there for is to make combat more impactful. Allow a bit of player controlled development. Each ability will be weapon specific. Granting a 150% increase in it's damage if using that weapon type. I don't want to screw over the player but I want them to have to think about how they evovle. You may really like an axe based skill, but the game keeps giving you swords and bows.

All abilities will cost AP to use and can target anything in a radius around the player, 1 or 0 should only allow the player as a target. Abilities under the hood will be rather simple and mostly just fancy text.
-Thunder Spear- + 10% damage- 4 range- spearTypeAttack- cost 2 AP- AOERange 0- ElementalType electric

This just shoots the current weapon damage + 10% of that damage to any target in 4 square radius and cost 2 AP to use. It gains 150% extra base damage if the weapon is a spear. The skill magic dart could easily be the exact same skill with a different name and weapon type. Lightning strike too. Abilities will also in corporate AOE dealing it's damage to every target in the radius around the target. and elemental type aswell.
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