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Getting to know the Canvas

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I am familiarizing myself with JS and HTML5, Canvas first ... not WebGL yet.

The first thing I am trying to do is programming what I had in mind when I heard that there is a combination between Tetris and 2048.
Not sure if the game mechanics will make a lick of sense, but I want to know what it feels like.

Working Title: NPAA (Not Proc At All)

I have not managed to keep the code clean, so I will have to refactor soon.
I also need to look at articles about object oriented programming in JS.
What I have so far are procedures, procedures, global constants and variables and ... procedures ... and already the if/else statements annoy me.

So far I can cycle through the different block types and their rotations (with the arrow keys).
The delayed response to the user action is a feature, not a bug btw. tongue.png
In the actual gameplay the response will be immediate.

The next step will either be writing some ugly gameplay logic ... or researching and refactoring.

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is that page that's linked to supposed to do something?

As soon as you click on the canvas the main program is running ... then the mentioned features should work:

... cycle through the different block types and their rotations (with the arrow keys) ...

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oh yeah, JS OO is funky. Here's what I settled on: http://tnovelli.net/ref/js.html#oop


I actually think that is good stuff ... finally I can create two blocks :-)

Probably hard to figure out, though ...


Moving on to gameplay ... and maybe some more refactoring.

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