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High Speed Gaming Network

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For various reasons (mostly relating to being unhappy with the main UI -- the basic feel of piloting starships and firing weapons was not satisfying) I stopped working on Starbase Citadel months ago, the project is on-hold.

The last few months, I've been working on a new project which is to create a High Speed Gaming Network, fueled by personally facing severe lag when playing League of Legends.

The goal is to create a commercial service that will substantially reduce lag and disconnects for League of Legends players, and ultimately other games and possibly apply to general internet usage as well.

The application is only for Windows Desktop. It reduces packet loss by sending redundant UDP packets-- very similar to how Halo sends 2 redundant packets for each "real" data packet. In addition, just by placing the proxy/tunnel servers on high quality hosts, it allows the user to upgrade the routes to more premium providers. Further route optimization techniques are planned in Phase 2.

At this point I believe I have the UDP side working, at least it passes my internal tests. However, League of Legends requires the TCP IP Address to be the same as the one UDP traffic uses, so I need to tunnel TCP as well. I'm making steady progress on the TCP aspect, but it is more complex than the UDP tunnel as it requires low level packet injection that simulates TCP handshaking.
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