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RADICAL HEROES - Full alpha release April 15th on Desura!

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We are happy to announce that Radical Heroes is releasing a full alpha on April 15th! Above is the announcement trailer. The initial release of Radical Heroes - Full Alpha is big and very stable. We have a ton of content for you! - (roughly 2 hours on first play through) Nine full stages with bosses and unlockable characters. Many objects and weapons to wield during combat and many different locations in the city worth visiting. Moves have been upgraded and refined to bring a smooth fighting experience to the streets. As always we are upgrading it on a consistent basis and will continue to after release. We believe you will enjoy it and see the vision of a massive world created out of this alpha, as we do. Our general plan it to update it often giving you new stuff to play with and more world to explore. Please understand that things like story, advanced character building, item management, controller mapping and others are in but not to the standards we would like to maintain on a public release. Therefore some of the above mentioned may not be present but its coming!
The future for Radical Heroes looks like this! we are currently in the early stages of implementing a fighting game aspect to Radical Heroes. It would work like this, You go to a building in the city offering the fighting tournament. The menu will allow you to enter or return form this Mode. Once in fighting mode it lets you choose a fighter and the rest is history! All the same characters in Crimson City crisis will appear in the fighting mode. It will also play like a traditional fighter instead of a beat'em up! We believe separating the two distinct play styles will add to the experience as well as the overall diversity to the game. If new playsets release and they have new characters the characters once unlocked would also appear in the fighter. Allowing us to grow both the main game and games within with new content and game play. Of course this is just one of the many game play styles we want to incorporate in this game. Racing, Platforming, RPG, Side Scrolling Shooter and many other styles each with there own story branch and impact on the Radical Heroes world.

We thank everyone who has shown support for us. We excited to get it in to the hands of players all over the globe, it is your feedback and suggestions that will shape how the Radical Heroes Universe will grow. So Please feel free to write us, we would love to here your feedback!

Thank you for your time, Noah & Moses @MAD UNICORN GAMES


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