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Rogue inventory and new build

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Got a new build for yall to give a try. I haven't gotten any menu code in place yet so I hacked a way to use different resolutions. Theres 3 options to download each one uses a different resolution. Choose your preference. Like before the game is zipped up with 7zip, but any zip progrogram (winzip, winrar, ...etc) will extract it. If you don't have 2012 vsc++ installed, install the c runtime for your os.

Rogue 021 --- 720x400
Rogue 021 --- 1280x800
Rogue 021 --- 1440x900

Progress So Far

inventory screenshot

Made some big changes to the inventory and items. Got the basics of the item system in place.... got more than the basics of the item system in place. Inventory is now interacted with by moving a cursor up and down to select items. This cursor can move at any time, deteaching the selection process from the actions. Making it easy to do things multiple times without haveing to hit weird sequences of keys. I'll be doing something similar for selecting abilities and skills to use.

Whats next

With as much of the item systems completed and things are starting to need other components. Next I'll be focussing on the creature system. Theres alot I want to do differently here. Creatures won't be dropping items. I think that would introduce way too much chance for items to appear in the game. I already need to put a chance roll on barrels whether they drop or not.

The new creature system will be using some features I implemented for smarter placement of barrels, chest and so forth. It calculates the neighbor types around a specific tile and only allows changeing or adding features if the neighbor counts are in a specfic range. Such as chests will never spawn near a wall. This was to prevent blocking doors and the fact chest can spawn alot of items i want them to have room to drop them.

Creatures will be getting smarter spawnning. There will now be leader type creatures that will spawn follower type creatures around them. The biggest effort will be giving every creature abilities. Or the ability to use abilities. Even ai will be using them.

The last little thing I'll be getting to finally is little floaty text effects, to help notify what happening on the map and make it more lively. Things like combat damage will show. Little question mark pops up everytime an item is spawned (not dropped), Exclamation point or even the item count that dropped when you open a chest or barel.

So until then hope yall enjoy.

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The inventory screen is nice, its concise and shows you all you need to know. smile.png


ty every little bit of feedback help alot. Hopeing once I finish the creature system, I'll already be in the polishing stage and just have to make everything fit and balance it to a playable state.


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