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New Game - Charge!

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Hi everyone, even though I haven't been blogging it, I have almost completed my latest game, Charge!

You play as a sorcerer on a tower who must defeat incoming enemies by throwing spells at them. The full game will have 20+ levels, story mode, 3 difficulty levels, extra weapons and spells.

You can download the 1 level demo from Gamejolt.
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Nice work!


Is the game meant to be played from the overhead perspective?  In your screenshots, your trees look a little odd, like they are meant to be viewed from the side, and not from above.

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The game is overhead perspective, the trees look a little odd in static screen shots because they are actually 3d and move on a different plane.


Yes it is similar to Zuma but with unlockable characters, spells to cast and a deeper story.

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