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Day 3 of WepWep

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About today:
Today I finished the basic version of the title screen. It is nothing impressive but it isn't meant to be. I'm going to be developing the game in "layers". This first version was a large step though. It involved getting the text system working, fiddling with positioning and such also. The screen now changes if you press any button. One of the major things I struggled on is how to tell the main game that I wanted to switch screens (for example from title to menu screen). I ended up deciding to include an short value based off an enum on the base "game mode" class rather than some other options I was thinking of. This means that my "game modes" doesn't really need to know the main game exists. The game checks this status each update to see if it isn't 0 and then switches from there. Menu screen next!

Thought for the day:
While my font and assets are not the most impressive I'm trying to use free sources with the authors permission or public domain assets. I'll include a list of where I got all of my assets from later. I've been able to find quite a few good places but for now I'll just mention open game art.

Today's screenshot: Well at least it has words now right?
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