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Caveman v3.0 progress report, April 20th 2014.

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Norman Barrows


Caveman 3.0 progress report April 20th 2014

Work on Caveman continues. Its down to high level features and polishing. Currently, the quest generator is under construction, with 14 types of quests implemented so far.

Also the Beta has begun.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Please send feedback to rocklandsoftware at gmail dot com. Thanks!

If you find its your kind of game, I'm still looking for more play testers.

Recently done:

* added chance to discover you're lost while travelling cross-country, and stop.
* "view model" assigned to F4 by default
* "save game" assigned to F5 by default
* move slower uphill and faster downhill. speed based on slope.
* cut number of rocks in rocks terrain in half
* adjustable diff levels for:
> hit points
> caveman encounter chance
> animal encounter chance
the game already has adjustable healing rate.
* pushes action (saves it) when interrupted by sleep, resumes action when you wake up.
* number keys for select wpn
* added ability to yield while in combat.
* NPCs switch to "stand around" AI when combat ends.
* added trader encounters
* added ability to strip gear from dead bodies.
* more realistic gear loadout for npc's, including small chance for artifact.
* added thief encounters.
* fixed: hut NPC encounters were not setting NPC's house_index for new npcs.
* fixed: cliprng not set for hut doors and centerpole.
* demo version
* beta version
* huts and caves are no longer created in canyons
* cross country movement is now at walk speed.
* system requirements are now displayed when unable to create d3d device due to
pc not meeting minimum system requirements of 1600x900, 32bit ARGB, 24 bit depth buffer.
* improved frustum culling. terrain chunks behind player are
no longer culled in 3pv max zoom out looking straight down.
* fixed: swamp ground texture wrong.
* fixed: skills display, throwing rock atk text too wide
* fixed: skills display, throwing axe atk text too wide
* dead npc: the game now changes wih (weapon in hand) to hands if the player takes the npc's wih.
* more trees in northern savanna
* clear all terrain chunks if player doesn't take over abandoned hut (makes hut disappear)
* removed "bury" from dead caveman menu
* fixed: stream quads don't quite reach to bank (about 1" short)
* fixed: check fire - shows fuel left
* fixed: recover from illness too fast?
* fixed: fruit spoils too fast?
* double the rate of fatigue increase when sprinting
* added double quote to caveman font
* fixed: local map scrolls a little too fast
* speedups: indexing huts, indexing caves, updating crh
(cave, rockshelter, hut) stufflists (what they have to trade).
* new all-in-one "start new game" screen
* improved heightmap formulas for flowing water. reduced z fighting
where size of flowing water changes at map square edges.
* fixed: 1pv 1 hand stone hammer male atk ani stone not drawn in hand correctly (off by 2 inches)
* added pound sign to caveman font
* fixed: female vest armor too small
* forrage action: now shows food stat
* ability to block all the time, even when you weapon is not drawn.
* sprinting and fatigue modeling for npc's and animals.
* draw shield in 1pv block ani
* tutorial
* gamespeed 5. 1 screen per hour, does not draw the scene. therefore no need
to generate terrain chunks for each screen if travelling cross country.
* fixed: river action area too samll
* full fatigue no longer triggers rest action. now it reduces player to walk speed.
* added animal and NPC attack fatigue modeling.
* gamespeed 6. one screen per hour, does not draw the scene. does not run animals or
npc's. only available when no badguys are nearby.
* questgen: 14 types of quests so far.

time to implement the next type of quest!

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I bumped up the date for better placement in the Featured list


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