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Software OpenGL Rasterizer + Quake 3 Arena

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second test with Quake3 Arena, this time in 1440x900...

differences from before:
* More performance tweaks / micro-optimization;
* Now the rasterizer supports multiple threads (2 threads were used in this test, with the screen divided in half);
* Inline ASM is used in a few places;
* ...

it is still sort of laggy, but I am not really sure how far software rasterization can be pushed on a generic desktop PC.

CPU: Phenom II X4 3.4 GHz;
RAM: 4x4GB PC3-1060

note: it is a fair bit faster at 1024x768 or lower...
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Recommended Comments

Impressive dude.


granted, albeit, it is looking like this is near the limit of what may be achieved within a reasonable level of time/effort.


as-is, it was about 3 weeks effort to get this far, and as-is is around 26 kLOC, so an apparent average of about 1.24 kLOC/day, though parts of the code were reused from my 3D engine, so the actual amount of newely-written code may be lower.


I may consider going and making the source available.




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