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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Apparently I convinced myself that I did this last week. Apparently I didn't

Catch-up time. Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 4/19 - 5/2

Say hello to new journal authors eppo, JordanBonser, Azurys, Azathotep and Gooey!

Project Updates

  • Truerror's Journey Through Insanity - Truerror finds coding movement for a tile-based game is harder than he thought. He shares some code he's working on to get this working and also has a short gameplay video of it in action
  • Evolution - studentTeacher drops some screens for Saturday, showing off the new terrain system in his Minecraft-esque evolving world project
  • /* Why you crying? */ - JTippetts talks about things that "bug the shit out of me" in relation to his Accidental Noise Library for procedural terrain generation, and what new stuff he's trying out for ANL
  • Caveman - Norman Barrows continues his multi-part post mortem (to date) on the Caveman project, which also just entered beta
  • Path Tracing Adventures - Arjan B is back with new videos of his path tracer in action rendering some cool scenes, which can now be saved thanks to the new editor
  • ferrous' Journal - ferrous has a rundown of new changes to Maze War, including the addition of multiplayer, although not without its drawbacks
  • r1ckparker's Journal - r1ckparker shares a video of a demo he made for a Retro Remake competition
  • DareDeveloper's Journal - DareDeveloper outlines the expanded vision for his project and wonders if it's too much for just learning the ropes of a technology.
  • Squared'D's Journal - Squared'D continues to make progress on his AI system and has the video to prove it
  • Alurik's Journal - Alurik continues work on his WepWep project, a simple game for him to work on completing
  • From End to Beginning - coremarq talks about the graphics work he's been doing himself, and has a new video of Rogue in action
  • et1337 makes games - et1337 posts some new screens for Saturday and also talks more about his failed kickstarter attempt
  • A Journal - polyfrag has two projects up on Greenlight. Check em ou
  • Project Progeny Development Journal - RalemProductions is looking for some advice for social media - attracting a larger audience and getting more Likes and other interactions
  • Once a Bird - Demosthenes gives some before/after examples of the new sprites for Twitchy Thrones that feature shadowing and highlights for more depth
  • Undergroundies Projects - Undergroundies has posted notice of The Underlings demo dropping on May 10th
  • Journal of Aardvajk - Aardvajk has been continuing his work on the character controller, but also taken time to work on shadows and the in-game console
  • uwi2k2 - Part Time Game Dev - uwi2k2 has an alpha that's looking for testers and is also crowdfunding a new space game over on IndieGoGo
  • Merry Prankster Games - gdunbar finally has the full reveal for his classic-style role-playing game Temple of the Abyssal Winds, coming later this year for iPad and Windows

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • Miscellaneous Programming Notebook - Bacterius has a new and updated version of his C# wrapper for the AntTweakBar GUI library
    • slayemin's Journal - slayemin has realized his thick line rendering technique from his previous entry needs a bit of retooling
    • BGBTech: The Status Update - BGB has put some more work into the software OpenGL rasterizer he built that runs Quake 3 Arena, and has a new video of it in action
    • Infinity Elephant Development Journal - Plethora is back and this time is musing about efficiency and how to not waste what little time you have to dedicate to hobby game development
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Jeez I can't even do it right when I remember to do it can I?? :P My bad

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