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Christmas Trees (apparently)

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Seems to be Christmas in my game world at least, if not in the real world.

Been working vaguely on adding props to the level i.e. meshes that are not just shapes created in the level editor. All the infrastructure is in place in the game, but have realised that the editor is woefully inadequately designed.

So its that usual quandry - do I devote a huge amount of time to improving the level editor (starting from scratch in this case) and hope I am still interested in the game by the time I'm finished, or do I continue to balls-out hack the editor and end up losing interest in the game because the editor is so hard to use?

I'm a bit scared by the amount of work involved in content creation for a 3D game anyway to be honest so I badly need it to be as easy as possible to put levels together. Not sure what the best course of action is here.

Be nice to be able to use someone else's editor but I just don't think there is anything that fits the mark really.

We shall see what we decide in the next few hours.
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Your projects are on par with the bargain games on steam already(a compliment) perhaps it's time to grab a partner or two, so you can focus on what you want without needing to worrry about splitting time between tools, dev, assets, and what ever else you will come across.


FWIW why not stick with blender or such for the level design ?

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Thank you. Nice of you to say.


Yeah, I know. I guess the problem is I have a day job and enjoy the total lack of commitment in a hobby project. Once you get involved with others, all that changes.


I could never get into Blender, one of the reasons I wrote my own modeller. Won't take long to whip up another level editor, got the bulk of the foundations done last night. Most of the code gets imported from previous projects anyway.


Thanks for the comment,

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