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Welcome to the Business Side of Ding!

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Note: This is a repost from our website: www.dinggames.com, from our business guy Mike.

I suppose I should start off with an introduction to me. I am Mike Greer, the man in the suit, fast talker, salesman, marketer, and conqueror of worlds. I was born in California and lived there until I was...actually I think that is too far back. Let's start with my business experience instead. I have worked in retail ranging from a cashier up to a store manager. I have also worked at a large corporation in the call center as a sales associate and moved up to an Inside District Manager of Florida. I received a Bachelor's from the University of Rhode Island for Business Marketing. What does this all mean you may ask? It means that I will be handling the business side of things for Ding! Games. It will be my job to help make sure our game gets proper exposure before as well as after the release and to help make it profitable. As much as I want to make games just to make games, I also want it to be profitable so that we at Ding! Games can make this a full time career.

What to expect from my blogs will be my journey in helping us gain exposure as well as my random business thoughts and practices. I have done a lot of research about what causes an Indie game to fail and the overwhelming results have been a lack of marketing and exposure. It makes me wonder how many amazing games are out there that no one knows about. I will warn everyone now that some of my posts might go off in to some random tangents, however I hope that anyone reading will learn something about us, about their own business, or simply be amused by my ridiculous nature.

Introduction done. Expectations set. So now we can get in to where we are at now. The website is up and you can see more on the trials and tribulations on that here. Now we have a sweet website and a sweet logo. (Side tangent incoming) Before I continue on I must give a shout out to the amazing artist that did our logo for us, Ellen Topitzer. I am very happy to announce that we have brought her on as a concept artist. Her artwork is inspiring in every way. Please check out her Facebook Page and her website (tangent over). Now that the website is setup we published our Twitter and Facebook pages which has been a ton of fun and quite a learning experience. The insights tab on the Facebook page allows you to see how many people your posts have reached as well as a likes tracker. Everything about the analytic side of a Facebook page has been very robust and I am looking forward to working with it more. If you haven't guessed it yet, social media is going to be our main marketing plan for the stage that we are in with Ares.

I have always been an active member of the social media community and now I get to use it for a greater purpose, making my dream become a reality. Video games have been a huge part of my life since I was but a we lad. Video games to me are an escape to another realm, a chance to hangout with my brother who lives across the country, or just a way to release from the stresses of life. They bring a smile to my face and for that amount of time no matter what else is happening in my life, I am happy. I want to make games that can bring happiness to other people the way games have brought happiness to me. I am finally starting to do this with Ding! Games and I could not be more ecstatic about it.

Moving on to the next business aspect that I am working on currently which is getting some money for start up purposes. My suggestion to anyone who is looking to start up any business is to do what we are doing and reach out to family and friends first. It will be easier to work with someone who already knows you and believes in you. Luckily, we do not have very high costs for starting the company. Most of what we need comes from the pro version of Unity as well as some other expenses Shawn needs on the programming side. Once we obtain the financial backing we need we will also be incorporating the business and becoming 100% official, aka recognized by the government as a business. That will be a very exciting day for me. I have always wanted to own a business and I could not possibly think of a better type of business to own. A quote that I have always thought highly of is, "Find something you love to do and then figure out a way to make money from it." Ding! Games is my step to living by this quote.

I think that is a good quote to finish the blog up with. Thanks for reading and I look forward to writing more posts in the future. The posts will be along the lines of how to grow and manage a social media following, marketing your company and game, as well as how to monetize your games.

You can keep up to date with our blog posts and development of Ares by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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