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Rogue build 040 - potions and mushrooms

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- run the appropriate visual studio 2012 redistributable in the C Runtime folder.
- run the executable in Game to play.

Keys / commands:

- move around using the numpad keys "1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9".
- attack creatures and interact with dungeon features by simply walking into them.

- Interact with items by pressing;
--- 'P' to pick up items.
--- 'D' to drop items.
--- 'E' to equip armors and weapons.
--- 'F' to eat mushrooms.
--- 'Q' to quaff potions.

- use the "-" and "+" keys to move the inventory cursor.
- actions will be applied to which item is selected by the cursor.

- press 'H' to show keys again.

What's New

Finished getting everything working under the new design. Still a little busy, so I didn't get to much time to polish. Though I did get a couple systems completed.

Got potions and food system working and pretty much finished. I have 5 other potions planned but they require another system I haven't started yet. Both use the identifying system. Food are more than just to stop from starving. Food can heal (less than potions can), but some grant xp. Some can be deadly just like potions. One of the potions is designed to make the indentify system more of a constant threat. Amnesia can make the player very forgetful.

What's Next

To finish up the potions, I'm diving straight into a simple status system. It's basically just for over time effects. It'll work just by keeping track of healing/damage , hunger effects per turn and for how many turns it should persist. Poison will cause over time damage instead of instant. Maybe healing potions could actually be done over time. The system will also handle simpler states that stay active for an amount of time. a potion could give strength and make the player do more damage for a couple turns... etc.

enjoy, and code along.
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