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Ground control to major Tom...(communication)

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Ocular Audio


If there is one part of the current project I am extremely grateful for it is that of clear communication.

When composing for a project it is often all too easy to get wires crossed and for each party to not understand what the other is trying to say. Throughout this project though this hasn't been the case. From the very get go the developers (Chromium Gamesroom) have had the clearest of ideas of what they want and have portrayed it perfectly. I believe this is down to very careful planning and also research. Their planning has allowed them to create a very insightful document which breaks down characters, scenes, scenarios, emotions, key words and locations into very concise areas. This document has allowed both sides to asses what each area requires with regards to audio.

Clear communication came into play today after I had sent over some drafts of audio. Some areas of my audio were needing refinement. Rather than just saying they didn't like them, I got nearly a whole A4 page of notes, explaining where they think it could be refined, what they liked, what they didn't like. There was clearly a lot of though put into it. It's this sort of communication which makes a project so much easier. And outsourcers really appreciate it as they get concise feedback. I don't think this is just the case for audio professionals but anyone who is outsourced for a job.

Their research led them to have very clear views of the sort of style they wanted the audio. However I haven't been restrained in my creativity. In fact quite the opposite. I have been able to treat some of the composition like sound design and really go against what I would usually do. Which is very challenging and rewarding.

Both of these areas are key when planning not just the audio but also the game overall. Like any project, for it to be a success a solid plan needs to define every step. As my Dad would say about construction; measure twice, cut once. Always refine and then execute. Yes there will be mistakes along the way but they will help you learn and develop and overall make the whole project even better.

I can't share any audio just yet, but a trailer is being released soon and I will breakdown the audio to explain how it fits with the concept of the game.
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