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Underlings 1.6 Patch!

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Patched up to 1.6! aka the "Big Patch"

Lots of big changes, messing around with new ideas, programming flies to fly towards poop... this is the 1.6 update. ;)

Patch Notes Below:

Wanted to change the direction the game was going.Rather than the underlings being a part of a collection I wanted them to each play a purpose in the world.There are only two underling types in the current version, Don't worry! more will come come soon! Other changes below.

-!Introducing! the "Underling Field Guide"! this can be accessed by clicking the book icon at the top of the screen,this contains helpful hints and info about the underlings and their world.This is a good place to get started if you are new to the underlings.
-New 1920x1080 resolution
-New tool "Shears" can now be unlocked at the shop used to trim the "Sultra" underlings hair when full grown.In the future bushes and plants.
-Removed the happiness stat.
-Removed the evo stone.

-New Underling the "Tocapa" when full grown these underlings expel electrical energy from growths on their head.Keep a few of these in your garden to control flies and other pests. ZAP!
-Underlings can now poop! When you find poop in your garden sell it by right clicking with the mouse.
-New insect! The Jikininki Fly, attracted to underling poop, the longer you leave poop around the more flies will appear. Jikininki Flies in your garden will slowly lower your enlightenment.
-Fixed other minor bugs and glitches.
-The "Sultra" underling can now be trimmed with the shears tool during it's elder stage in life, sell it's fur for a fair price to the shop.
-When an underling is above 70 hunger a fruit icon will appear above it's head, if you don't feed it soon it will perish.
-Navigation to the nursery and shop now only requires touching the button with the pointer, makes going from screen to screen holding items/underlings smoother/easier.
-The store button is now located on the upper left part of the screen.
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Looks good. What are you using to screen capture those videos? The quality is excellent.

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Looks good. What are you using to screen capture those videos? The quality is excellent.

I use "Fraps"  Loop buffer length set to 600 seconds,FPS set to 30,Split movie every 4 Gigs unchecked. ;)

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