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Keep Them Sleeping on itch.io and GameJolt

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I apologize, I'm terrible at keeping this blog up to date. I need to hire a socialite to do all of my social stuff while I'm working (that or get my wife to do it lol.)

Quite a bit has changed in Keep Them Sleeping since the middle of April. I'm going to be lazy and just post the change log:
Version 0.6.2 - Asteroids will no longer damage pods of dead patients. - Updated initial sequence to be smoother and more involved. - Implemented bacteria level - not used at the moment, but will be in the future. - If a processor is lost, the last process is dropped (so, if you go from 4 to 3 processors, the 4th process will fail.) - Updated immune system stabilizer to order patients - diseased first, then infected, then by immune system level. - Updated chryo-sleep stabilizer to order patients by sleep level. - The chryo-sleep stabilizer now respects available processes (it won't use up the last process nor will it apply medicine when there are no available processes.) - Added Date/Time and emergency timer to UI.Version 0.6.1 - Added Firefly group to the name generator (enter 'browncoat' into the override panel.) - Added splash screen - Corrected issue with title screenVersion 0.6.0 - Corrected some UI bugs (some calculations were off.) - Corrected bitmap font rendering (some calculations were off.) - Moved settings from C# Properties.Settings to custom solution (Properties.Settings was not working properly.) - Added help messages (popups show when a patient gets infected and such for the first time.) - Added context-based help messages (right click on a panel to get a popup about it.) - Started adding intro sequence - Adjusted score so that a patient waking up is counted as a negative (you are now deducted 600 points, up from 0.) - Chryo-sleep stabilizer administers shots at 30 or lower (up from 25.) - A negative response to the sleep medication lowers sleep level by 15 (down from 25.) - A notification is now printed to the console upon overdose and paralyzation. - A notification is now printed to the console to notify that a patient woke up, but they were pralyzed. - Added new events - projectiles can now cause additional damage (to the hull and pods.) - Added new game over scenario - ship is destroyed (hull integrity reaches 0.) - Removed Help option from the 'pause screen'. - Added Override Panel option to the 'pause screen'. - Added a load of cheats to use from the override panel after a game has started. - Added notification when the last of an inventory item has been used. - Corrected issues with cheat mode - disease, overdose and paralyze now work correctly. - Added 'Easy' mode - start with 2 processors, more repair bots (both hull and pods will repair quicker) and processes cannot fail. - Broke White Rabbit font - Fixed White Rabbit font - Fixed console window so that it displays the proper number of lines. - Added Tips section above. - Raised chance of injections succeeding - booster is now 95 (up from 85), infection is now 95 (up from 85), disease is now 95 (up from 90), sleep is now 95 (up from 85). - Added rare chance for two items to produced. - Updated cheat mode so that you can right click an action and it will finish immediately. - Cure infection and cure disease shots now boost the patient's immune system slightly (at the start of the process, rather than the end.) - Altered the override panel so that it is no longer case-sensitive.Version 0.5.5 - Improved tooltip handling - Added background image. - Added scrolling space background. - Adjusted patient score calculation. - Adjusted time calculation. - Gain for curing disease increased to 40 (up from 30.) - Tooltips no longer contain levels (leveling was initially planned, but is not going to be used as it doesn't fit in the timespan of a playthrough.) - You can no longer repair a pod that is not damaged. - Added cursor to UI skin. - Corrected typos in the immune system stabilizer output. - Chryo-sleep stabilizer now actually displays output. - Chryo-sleep stabilizer now properly injects sleep medication. - Disabled profiling system.
We still have a bit to do - mainly adding support for loading compressed audio and adding audio (there is currently no music and only 1 sound effect.) Other than that, we're going to be working on some more UI options for it as well as refine the gameplay mechanics and make it more intuitive.

You can pick up a copy on itch.io at http://bealssoftware.itch.io/keep-them-sleeping or on GameJolt at http://gamejolt.com/games/strategy-sim/keep-them-sleeping/27679/ . As always, any and all feedback is welcome.

In other news, we are still working on Seeking Imagination, but we're putting Lord Sen's Battle Arena on the backburner until we can resolve the issues with it and implement some sort of servers system for multiplayer. In the meantime we're fleshing out the designs and prototypes for a few other games.

That's all for now; my lunch break is over so I'm back to work.

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Sounds like you're keeping very busy! smile.png

Haha, idle hands are the devil's playground ;)


All in all, same as most everyone else - trying to juggle multiple projects, a day job and a family. We're trying to work on small projects like Keep Them Sleeping in our off time so that we can actively put out games while we're working on the larger projects like Seeking Imagination and Lord Sen's.


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