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Project Anera: An Introduction

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Hello everyone!

A little about myself: I use to lurk on this site, as well as a site called DevMaster, a few years ago as I started learning how to program and code. Suffice to say a lot of my earliest games were rather poorly made as I never fully wrapped my head around OOP or how to program windows applications. My first game was a console based Tic-Tac-Toe followed by a console text-based adventure. Depressed at how hard it was for me to get into Direct X or windows programming, I stopped all together for about 2 years, focusing on learning some html and php instead of C++.

It wasn't until a year ago that I came back to programming; I started learning C# and dived head first into creating a 2D graphical game. Since then I've programmed on and off, I recently finished a small 2D RPG built entirely with the C#.net library that has nearly all functions a proper RPG should have (NPCs, inventory, combat, skills, levels, map editor, load/save etc, etc). Now that I've got that more or less finished, I've decided to set my eyes on 3D game.

A little about Project Anera: So the wheels only started churning in my head earlier this week. A large portion of close friends and online acquaintances that tested my 2D RPG stated that, while the game ran smoothly and it had the concepts of an RPG, it didn't do anything unique or different that a thousand other RPGs haven't already done. So at the forefront of conceptual design for Project Anera, I want to do something that hasn't been done, which is hard, because tons of new games come out every day on app stores, and sites like this. How does one make a game stand out amongst the horde of other indie games? That's the million dollar question.

So what have I gotten hammered down thus far? I've decided that I want some online or multiplayer component. I believe player-to-player interaction is extremely important for building a unique experience as well as adding replay-ability. In addition, I needed to find a good 3D engine, ideally one that utilized C# for programming the client. In the end, I've settled on using Unity3D to develop the client, and SmartFox to build the server. Now comes the slow-paced part of the project where I need to learn how best to utilize these two toolsets in conjunction with C# to build what eventually will be Project Anera.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, I know there isn't anything to show yet, but this is really just an introduction to my development journal, future updates will have more substance.
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