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Cheating At ' Don't Starve ' By Modifying The Game Code



Don't Starve is an interesting survival & adventure game that places a player into a brutal survival environment, were one seemingly innocent mistake can cause instant death.
After playing this game for a while there were many things that started to annoy the #### out of me ...
* Always eating
* Gobblers appearing constantly
* Vegetable farming being painfully slow
* Items made with hard to get items break very fast
* Recipes that take way too many items to make simple stuff
* Certain "monsters" having way too much health or attack power ( normal frogs for example )

To make the game more enjoyable to play, I have been fiddling around with the game's scripts, conveniently written in Lua.
Here is a basic guide on how to change basic stuff in game. (( Remember to make backups before messing with the code )) . I recommend using NotePad++ for script editing.

All the important scripts are located in [color=#008000]\Don't Starve\data\scripts[/color] . The main script that controls a lot of the game is [color=#008000]tuning.lua[/color] [color=#000000].[/color]
In [color=#008000]tuning.lua [/color][color=#000000]:[/color]
* If you really hate gobblers, change the spawn chance under PERD_SPAWNCHANCE
* To increase the uses of any item, search for USES = and change whatever you like
* To eat less change the following 2 areas: lower the local calories_per_day and than change the food calories reflect your change CALORIES_TINY = CALORIES_SMALL = CALORIES_MEDSMALL = CALORIES_MED = CALORIES_LARGE = CALORIES_HUGE = CALORIES_SUPERHUGE =
* If things rot too fast for you, increase the rate of PERISH
* You can change the HP and attack damage of all the creatures in the game here.
* You can change all armor and weapon damage here also
* Inventory item stacks can be found under STACK_SIZE
* How much health you recover from eating certain items can be found under HEALTH
* How much health you recover from eating certain items can be found under SANITY
* Gain sanity during the daylight by changing SANITY_DAY_GAIN

Under [color=#008000]Don't Starve\data\scripts\prefabs[/color] look for [color=#008000]birdcage.lua[/color] and change this to get more seed drops from caged birdsif Prefabs[seed_name] then local num_seeds = math.random(2)
Under [color=#008000]Don't Starve\data\scripts[/color] look for [color=#008000]recipes.lua[/color] and have fun changing the recipes for in game items biggrin.png

If you know of any more useful game changes, please post it below.


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Are you planning on make any additions to the game now that you know more about the code?

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Are you planning on make any additions to the game now that you know more about the code?

 I do not know how the script is parsed by the rendering engine / game engine ( which is written in C++ and not open source ).

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Can you tell where the swords are saying their issues? Needed because I would like to give them a voice

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