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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 6/14 - 6/21

Say hello to new journal authors Eruadan and Arcana Art!

Project Updates

  • Grand Strategy: Space War - Orymus3 has scrapped the combat system for the project he's working on but is looking for feedback on his outline to use it for a separate mini-game
  • newtechnology's Journal - newtechnology has a new gameplay video showing off jumping and collision in his FPS project
  • A Keyboard and the Truth - EDI has two updates this week on the latest progress with Revel Immortal
  • DMD 'Ware - polyfrag spent 3 hours packing the first 65,535 unicode characters on a single 4096x4096 bitmap font texture. Localization FTW?
  • et1337 makes games - et1337 shows off new character animations and a nearly-complete level editor for Lemma in this Screenshot Saturday post
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ reveals how close he came to working for Apple, as their new programming language, Swift, aligns in many ways with his Epoch language and Apple actually noticed this.
  • Undergroundies Projects - Undergroundies has been busy, pushing out several new patches for The Underlings as well as a new 3-day arcade shooter project now available on Steam as well

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • Leadwerks Developer Blog - Josh Klint talks about his time spent in Seattle recently for a visit to Valve to check out their VR hardware, as well as pay a visit to Leadwerks origins
    • Bidimensional Dreams - dejaime has another Lua tutorial, this time working with Love2D - from rendering the basic hello world text to drawing an image at a given coordinate
    • Code Snippets - Shippou takes a look at the game files to Don't Starve, written in Lua, and how you can modify them to change things in the game
    • Lotuz - Life with indie games - Arthur Souza talks about why some 2D games have flickering objects, as their layering behavior can be just a bit off
    • slayemin's Journal - slayemin has been keeping a weekly log of how his new company is doing, which is offering some great insight for anyone thinking of going down a similar road
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