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Why in the ever living FUCK does Visual Studio 2012 insist on bringing itself to the foreground every time the debugger starts?

This is fucking horseshit. I have multiple projects that I have to work on concurrently, each with a separate VS instance. So if I want to fire up one instance's debugger, and then start investigating the effects in a second instance's debugger, THE FIRST LITTLE FUCKER STEALS FOCUS FROM THE SECOND INSTANCE AND STARTS FLASHING ALL OVER THE TASK BAR LIKE "OH LOOK AT ME I'M SO GODDAMN IMPORTANT THAT IF YOU DON'T LET ME TAKE THE FOREGROUND I'LL PEE ON YOUR SHOES."

I cannot find a way to disable this, which makes it Yet Another stupid behavior that Microsoft insists on shitting into my dinner plate. For whatever mind-bogglingly asinine reason, someone was enough of a FUCKING MORON to think that stealing foreground focus is an acceptable thing to do.

Let me simplify the problem for you, Anonymous Microsoftie Who Does Dumb Shit: TAKING FOREGROUND FOCUS IS WORSE THAN HITLER.

That's fucking right, I said it. Worse. Than. Hitler.

Maybe not as bad as the unholy love child of Stalin and Pol Pot, but definitely fucking worse than Hitler.
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I'm glad you have a safe place to store your thoughts and feelings. On a side note I completely relate to your feelings on Epoch, with my own side project of years-past. Still looking forward to the possibility of you taking it further though, if it happens.

[edit] LOL @ that tag

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